Dating a paralyzed girl

Not only can I hook up on my own, I don't have to stay attached to the machine between sets,' he captioned the video using the row exercise machine.

But what's it like to have a girlfriend as a personal trainer?

'It’s cool when she comes over and spots me during sets, or corrects my form,' Garrett said to Cosmopolitan - but he's also a fan of working out on his own as well.

He shared on social media that he takes gloves that attach to weights everywhere he goes for a workout on the go.

As she led him through cable fly isolation chest repetitions, she encouraged him to focus on 'muscle mind connection.' They repeated the cable workout in the right side of his chest and tricep and sure enough the next day there was Garrett regained some feeling in those muscles.'I don't care what doctors say because he was sore the next day and has been for a few days! Garrett is open to the exercises that proved helpful in his injury, even though doctors gave him no guarantee if he will regain full body control and feeling.

But the couple has hope in the face that exercise can stimulate nerve regeneration.'I work on what I can do and test my limits.

But standing, or sitting, Jessica says she wouldn't be parted from her boyfriend - and regularly posts gushing tributes to him on her social media.'I think he is absolutely perfect just the way he is,' she wrote alongside a recent picture of the two working out.

'I told him if he were to be able to walk again some day, that it would be too much perfection to handle.''He told me if he had to pick between walking or having me in his life, "I'd choose you every time!

After the duo began dating, they hit the gym together despite Garrett's limitations and took to Instagram to share their workout routines.'It feels good to be doing something active,' Garrett told Cosmopolitan about his video workouts, which see him doing all manner of tough exercises, from tossing weight balls to flexing using cable flies.

We would much rather not fall out of the chair or with you! Until they see you're here to stay they'll be suspicious.10.

Just because we're in a wheelchair it doesn't mean we can't walk a little bit.

In another fitness flick posted in November, Jessica revealed that the workouts do much more than burn calories, they've actually been able to help Garrett regain feeling in some muscles.

The Instagram video sees Jessica strapping Garrett up to a cable workout machine to work out his chest muscles.'Even though I am very new to his injury and don't know what he is capable of I did my best.

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