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Meanwhile, Cecchini is contacted to participate in a radio game show and Don Matteo seems to have found just the right job for Tomas. 5 “A Record for Life”A young, promising swimmer disappears. While Don Matteo and the others investigate, Lia’s Sicilian boyfriend arrives in Spoleto, but Cecchini puts “operation break-up” into action. 6 “Out of this World”Don Matteo investigates into a case that involves a family who has chosen a life avoiding all contact with technology. 7 “A Daughter’s Courage”An ill-tempered elderly man disappears from the nursing home he lives in and is found in coma next to the cadaver of a young woman. 9 “The Final Blow”Don Matteo looks into a robbery that an old friend of Cecchini’s is involved in, but is worried about Laura, who seems to have vanished without a trace.

Unbeknownst to her, though, George is really enamored with Tessa's cute art teacher, Aimee. Wolfe that he's over dating crazy city women, and that he's looking for love in the burbs.

In fact, Don Matteo hasn’t changed one bit and opens the doors to the rectory to anyone who needs his help.

He decides to take in Tomas, a young man who has had several problems with the law and that Sister Maria holds dear.

His withdrawn and petulant personality makes staying in the rectory difficult for him to get used to.

Even Laura, who frowns upon the arrival of Tomas, is feeling unsatisfied with her life and begins re-evaluating the choices she’s made.

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continues in the US this Sunday (12 March) with the UK premiere following on FOX at 9pm the following evening.

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