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In the Super Bowl era, USC quarterbacks have won six national titles and 22 conference titles.Yet no USC quarterback has ever played in a Super Bowl.I'm prepared to live my life." Think about that for a moment: Palmer, the first overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft, younger than both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, was ready to never play football again at the age of 31. Bengals owner Mike Brown, who created his perpetual failure machine with nepotism and frugality, refused to accept free draft picks from a quarterback-starved league. And then, in Week 10 this year, he crumpled to the turf against the Rams without being touched, his ACL torn again.It took Carson Palmer a decade to rebuild his career, and his resurgence didn't last a full season before he suffered the same injury that stole his potential in the first place.After more than a year on the bench, Leinart earned a late-season start against the Jaguars in 2011 when Schaub injured his foot.

This is not to say Palmer hasn't played well since: he rehabbed quickly and played all 16 games the following year (no easy task; just ask Robert Griffin III) and even made the Pro Bowl. There is a reason Oakland's die-hard fans cheer from the Black Hole: because the physics of collapsed stars apply to the Raiders.

For the third time in eight starts spanning six years, he had suffered a season-ending injury.

Leinart is out of football at the age of 31, his last professional dalliance a preseason stint with the Bills in 2013 -- E. Manuel, Kevin Kolb, Jeff Tuel, and Thad Lewis made the roster; Leinart did not.

We’re sure the Daily News or NY Post will break this one wide open tomorrow (or debunk it so that it falls in our “memorable gaffe” category.) Here’s Ivankovska “supermodel” page.

Previously, Sanchez dated model Hilary Rhoda (she’s with Sean Avery now), and a USC sprinter.

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