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Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler confronts Klaus, and Caroline is caught up in the violence that follows.One Year Ago: Professor Shane runs through the woods, chased by a tribal looking man with face paint. He finds ancient writing on the walls and a deep, dark pit.He heard voices all around him and freaked out and fell. As they trek through the woods at night, Shane tells everyone to stop.He triggers a "Return of the Jedi"-style booby trap and tells them to stick together.

Damon assures Elena that Stefan only brought Rebekah to show Elena he's moving on and to show Damon that he can't get under his skin.

After studying Jeremy's tattoos, Bonnie comes to Shane because she doesn't see a spell in them.

He assures her he'll help her access expression when she needs to and reminds her she needs him to help her stay in control of it.

She also made a cure for immortality and buried it in the ground, hoping Silas would take it and die. Klaus taunts him by suggesting drowning, the way he killed Tyler's mom. Shane's wife and child died within months of each other, so he tried the well, cutting his hand to bleed into it.

But he didn't, just to spite her, so centuries later her descendants created the hunters to find him, cure him and kill him. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler stops by the Gilbert house to taunt trapped Klaus. Shane explains that centuries after Qetsiyah died, miners digging in the area went crazy. He heard his wife Caitlin call to him and lowered himself down into the dark, scary rock pit.

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, The CW announced Friday — and you’ll never guess what major event brings Michael Trevino‘s character back to Mystic Falls.

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  1. Derek Anthony Underwood, age 18, of Council Bluffs, Iowa passed away December 28, 2008, from injuries suffered in a motor-vehicle accident. Joseph, Missouri to Stormie Clark and Jerry Underwood. Farrah remained silent about the existence of Derek during her stints on Season 1, but really opened up about him during a filmed therapy session on the third episode of Season 2.