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Population growth and density means that the number spaces of many area codes are becoming depleted.To minimize disruption, the NANP has been extended with .The size of a string is determined by the number of characters contained in it.For example, the string "apple tree" has 10 characters (we must include the space). For example, "apple", "tree", "app" and "le tre" are all valid substrings of "apple tree".Variables are useful because they let us create rules for call flow that apply in changing circumstances and make it easier to accommodate future changes in the telephone application or system.in Asterisk), which can only set values for the current, active channel, and global variables, which set values for all channels.In this case, a local number filter as depicted above will not be appropriate.

For example, String variables (meaning variables that contain text and not numbers) should be defined using double quotes, though Asterisk will still accept them without double quotes - the following two entries are functionally identical: Sometimes a variable will contain reserved characters (characters that have special functions and are interpreted differently).

accessibility.* allows you to modify Find As You Type behavior, change how the [Tab] key works in web pages and XUL, turn on caret browsing, and tweak other accessibility-related features.

accessibility.* has been migrated to Category: Preferences.

For example, the variable $ (previously commonly used) is not in this list; it is preferable to use the Asterisk function $ instead.

It is a good practice to replace dialplan code that depends on deprecated variables or functions with code that uses the recommended replacements.

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